Nurulhidayah Ahmad ZahidI couldn't really believe it when an activist complained about how people were calling the granddaughter of Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, a nine-year-old girl, a "bitch" just because the child criticised the prosecution of her grandfather for corruption.

How could people possibly call a little girl a bitch, just because of differing political beliefs? 

The child was quoted in a video posted by her mother, Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahid, on her Instagram page saying: "You can lock my grandpa up, but not his soul and his fighting spirit. We are his family and we’ll never stop praying for him. I will make your life un-peaceful (sic). I will make you regret your life. Remember — I am only 9-years-old and I am my country’s future."

Apparently, many Malaysians felt so "threatened" by a nine-year-old girl telling them that she would make their lives "unpeaceful" that they had to call her horrible names on the internet. A nine-year-old.

When these cyberbullies were called out, they attacked the girl's mother instead for endangering her child by exposing the them. It's like a robber telling his victim: "It's your fault for wearing such a fancy watch. The police should investigate you for making me rob you."

The girl supposedly said more offensive things in a now-deleted video, but it doesn't matter how offensive she is because she is just a child. Nothing she says merits any kind of response, much less a vicious hate-filled one, because what can she possibly do? Throw Barbie dolls at us?

As to whether Nurulhidayah was wrong in posting a video of her daughter criticising Zahid's prosecution, I personally wouldn't do what she did because I know what a toxic place the internet is. But parents have posted even worse things of their kids online, like photos of their children in the bath. 

If what Nurulhidayah did was child "endangerment", then the first people who should be locked up are those who directly attacked her daughter.

Nurulhidayah probably had to explain to her daughter why her grandfather may be going to prison. And obviously Nurulhidayah would come to her father's defence, no matter how the world sees him.

If your father was accused of even a crime like murder, you would probably think twice before proclaiming his guilt and calling for a death sentence. 

We think differently because, well, we're not related to Zahid. And he was probably corrupt because he's from Umno. And Umno is the most corrupt party in the country, or so the narrative goes.

Zahid has already been charged in court, with 45 charges no less! Why can't we let his family rant and just laugh it off while we allow justice to run its course? Isn't it enough to have a former minister sent to jail for corruption (if he's found guilty)? Why do we have to attack his family simply for trying to defend him from what they perceive as political persecution?

I'm not asking for public sympathy for Zahid's family. If a crime has been committed, he must be punished. Simple as that. The legal process has already started, so leave it at that. 

If you can be so easily triggered by a nine-year-old girl's comments, then you really need help.