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climate change 2I will fight against climate change to protect our planet for future generations. I believe that we must consume less, recycle more and improve the public transport system to reduce our cars’ carbon footprint.

We need to have a Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle mindset. We should refuse products that we don't need, reduce the things we use, reuse things like grocery bags, re-purpose things in creative ways and recycle as much as we can.

There must be more education and awareness campaigns on recycling and on the importance of separating our trash. Separate trash cans should be provided in public areas. Plastic bags and polystyrene packs must be reduced.

Better public transport is a must. More bicycle and walking lanes should be created throughout cities to reduce traffic congestion. There should also be frequent feeder bus services to transport commuters to LRT/ MRT stations. The public transport system should be fully integrated to cut reliance on driving. Better yet, companies should have work-from-home and telecommuting policies to reduce the number of days workers need to be at the office.

We must protect our forests from excessive logging. We should also have more patrols to prevent poachers from entering the forest. Stronger prosecution is needed against wildlife traffickers.