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educationThe education system in Malaysia is messy and fragmented. Standards in government schools have dropped so much that many parents are sending their children to private school. Many Malaysian students have low English proficiency and score poorly in science and mathematics.

I believe that English proficiency must improve and political interference be minimised in the education system.

We need to have a mandatory pass in English in SPM. This will force schools to focus on English-language education and ensure that school-leavers are proficient in English before entering university. There must be sufficient English-language teachers at all schools to ensure that rural students do not get left behind.

As much as possible, diversity should be promoted in the teacher and student populations in schools. Mandarin and Tamil languages should also be optional subjects in school so that our children can learn many languages.

Teaching methods must encourage creativity and critical thinking. We should get rid of rote learning and come up with more creative teaching methods, especially in science and mathematics. Students should be encouraged to have a curious mind and to constantly ask questions, including questioning their own teachers.

Malaysia should abolish the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA). Students must have full political rights. They should be able to join any organisation or political party that they wish to and have freedom of expression.