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women rightsWomen should have equal opportunities and be able to live without the fear of violence. 

I will fight for laws against sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination. It’s not enough to be able to sue for sexual harassment; it should also be criminalised via a specific law. Pregnant workers and prospective employees should be protected from discrimination at work.

Women should not be asked questions about pregnancy plans or their marital status at job interviews. Neither should they be denied promotions, get sacked, or have their job offers revoked just because of their pregnancy.

The wage gap between women and men must be narrowed. Women should not be paid less for doing the same work as men.

 I believe that the legal marrying age, under both civil and shariah law, should be made 18 years for both girls and boys. We should not allow child marriages.

 Sex education should be taught in secondary schools covering not just abstinence, but also contraceptives. Girls and boys also need to learn about respect in relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and sexuality.

 Malaysia should lengthen maternity leave beyond 90 days for the civil service and the standard 60 days for the private sector to at least nine months, of which workers can get paid 90 per cent of their salary. Maternity leave should also be converted to parental leave to enable fathers and mothers to share their leave, so that women are not absent from the workforce for too long.