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transparencyPolitical parties and politicians should be prohibited from receiving money from foreign donors. Ideally, the identities of donors to political parties and politicians should be made public to enable the electorate to make more informed decisions.

However, requiring such transparency in political funding must come hand in hand with a fair government who won’t penalise contributors to opposition parties.

I believe Malaysia should make asset declarations mandatory. Cabinet ministers, state executive councillors, Members of Parliament, assemblymen and high-ranking civil servants should declare their assets before they assume office and periodically after.

Such disclosures should be made to their superiors, as well as to the office or agency in charge of political funding, and be publicly available on a website. 

We need to empower the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). The MACC should have a special service commission, separate from the Public Service Commission that is in charge of the rest of the civil service, so that the MACC will have its own authority to hire or terminate staff. MACC officers should also be highly qualified and professional.

We should separate the post of the Attorney-General and Public Prosecutor, in order to improve the independence of the public prosecutor, especially in criminal cases involving high-ranking government officials.

The judiciary must have greater independence and the courage to make impartial decisions in high-profile cases.